Prosecutors archive negligent homicide case against former minister

Official driver Marco Pontes still faces charges

The public prosecutor (MP) has archived proceedings against former interior minister, Eduardo Cabrita today, by not pressing charges for the fatal car crash, in 2021, involving roadworker Nuno Santos on the A6 highway, near Évora.

A source connected to the case told Lusa that prosecutors have decided not to press charges against both Mr Cabrita and his former head of security Nuno Dias, although the accusation against Mr Cabrita’s driver at the time Marco Pontes remains. 

The car Mr Cabrita was travelling in fatally struck Nuno Santos in the early afternoon of June 18.

Initially, charges were only filed against Marco Pontes, but the Associação de Cidadãos Auto-Mobilizados, which is an assistant in the case, considered there was sufficient evidence to hold the former minister responsible for a crime of murder by negligence.

At the association’s request, the public prosecutor’s office decided to reopen the case and ordered the prosecutor in charge to make Eduardo Cabrita and his head of personal security official suspects.

Prosecutors accused Marco Pontes of negligent homicide on December 3 last year – the day Mr Cabrita decided to hand in his resignation from government.

Source: Lusa