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Property protection advice

A survey conducted by Villa Watch, a company which provides security systems for private and commercial properties across the Algarve, has revealed that while 72.7% of those questioned know of someone who has experienced a domestic burglary in the Algarve, less than 50% have any form of security system installed.

Villa Watch, in association with the online luxury lifestyle guide Inspirations Algarve, interviewed a cross section of full-time Algarve residents and holiday home owners about their experiences of crime and crime perception in the Algarve.

The results showed that 68.2% of people feel “reasonably safe” in the region while 79.1% of those surveyed said that they feel less safe now than they did 12 months ago while the survey also showed that 77.3% of respondents feel that ex-pats are targeted in the region.

Carl Nixon from Villa Watch said that while the company cannot guarantee that a home will not be targeted, a secure home is a safer option with a protected home giving the owner added security.

For owners who would like to learn about how to make their property more secure, Villa Watch offers a free security survey while Carl Nixon also recommends that before deciding on any particular system, property owners should ask for certain questions to be answered including if the system reaches European standards, if there is a 24 call out service and what the maintenance and monitoring contracts are.

Villa Watch was launched in the Algarve in 2009 and has already installed a variety of security systems in commercial and private properties across the region.

The company was formed by Carl Nixon, who came to Portugal with an extensive background in the UK security market where he previously worked overseeing the installations of major security systems in London including at Battersea Power Station and Westminster Abbey.

The security company has also launched a new access control system, unique to Portugal, allowing owners to control access to specific points of a property in the smallest detail, using a pin-code system uploaded via a mobile phone sim card.

Carl Nixon said: “Access can be controlled by the hour, day, week or month to authorise access to management companies, tenants, holiday guests, cleaners, gardeners and maintenance workers and is backed by a reporting system.”

For further information about the services offered by Villa Watch, please call 919 149 900 or visit