Property prices

Dear Editor,

I regularly read the Algarve Resident online and enjoy keeping up-to-date with what’s happening there. Congratulations to you for making the news available in English.

I was particularly concerned about the rising crime rate as I intend to holiday quite a bit in the Algarve in the coming years, but feel it’s still a lot safer than many other resorts.

I have been looking at property but have no immediate intention to buy.

It’s so difficult to get good honest information relating to property prices and the buying process in the Algarve, so I was wondering if you could advise: are property prices continuing to drop and by how much?

Maybe you could do an article on the current state of the property market in the Algarve.


By email

Editor’s note: Dear Gerry, thank you for your email. I invite you to read our property section on the Algarve Resident website, (go to ‘features’ at the top, then ‘property’), where once a month we update readers on the property market in the Algarve. You should also check our dedicated property website