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Property health check from Sovereign

The last thing you want to worry about when you come to your Portuguese property is taxes.

Sovereign has been assisting clients in Portugal since 1999 and aims to remove your Portuguese tax worries.

Based in Lagoa, their full complement of bilingual staff and qualified accountants are always up-to-date with the ever changing demands of the tax department to ensure compliance with your fiscal obligations.

The Portuguese tax system is complicated and Sovereign often have to assist new clients who have inadvertently fallen foul of tax law, either through ignorance or having received the wrong information from other sources.  

Documentation from the tax department is always in Portuguese and tight deadlines to reply to notifications and correspondence cannot be ignored as that can lead to fines and penalties. Debts to the tax department, however minor, can eventually lead to the seizure and sale of your property for debt recovery.

If you are receiving rental income from your Portuguese property, by law this must be declared in Portugal whether the income is received here or not. At Sovereign they can submit your tax returns declaring the income and with the correct documentation, ensure taxes are kept to a minimum.  

When selling a property, Sovereign’s Property Health Check provides a thorough search of the title to your property to ensure good order, highlighting any defects that could be a bar to a successful sale.

Currently, Sovereign is assisting hundreds of clients to reduce their IMI tax bills through a revaluation of the tax value of their properties.  

They are also able to talk to you about declaration of your pensions/income if you live here.

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