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Promoting Algarve properties in the UK

Members of the CSF Property team took part in the A Place in Sun Live overseas property exhibition in Birmingham between September 30 and October 2.

Prospective UK buyers were able to use the company to book flights to the Algarve where they would then be picked up and shown properties before being introduced to independent mortgage brokers, property tax advisers and an independent legal adviser.

Chris White, a partner of CSF Property, said: “We advised visitors that the best way to get an offer on a property in the Algarve accepted is to be a cash buyer or to have a mortgage pre-approved. The Algarve is a buyer’s market, especially in the new developments as the builders want to move on their old stock,” said Chris White. “Now that prices have settled most of the clients seem to be searching for property in the central Algarve and want to take advantage of the booming rental market.”