Promising increase in car sales for Portugal

Car sales in Portugal continue to rise and registered a 13% increase in August, the second biggest increase in the eurozone.

Portugal was only bettered by Ireland, which registered a 19.6% boost last month, and by Hungary (17.8%) and Romania (25.5%) when taking all European Union countries into account.

Portugal’s positive results may be explained by optimistic signs of a developing economy and also last year’s abrupt drop in sales.

In Europe, however, car sales dropped 5%, a result which differed from the continent’s 4.9% increase in July, according to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association.

The most notable drops are in the bigger markets, such as Germany and France, with a decrease in sales of 5.5% and 10.5%, respectively. Greece (-13.2%), Spain (-18.3%) and Italy (-6.6%) are also among the countries that registered fewer car purchases.