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Projuris Advocacia – helping you defend your rights and interests

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Projuris Advocacia was created with the purpose of ensuring its clients quality services, dedication and rigour. This is achieved by respecting the individual choices and both the subjective and objective interests of each one of them, and then outlining a strategy for each case accordingly.

Founded in 2004 in Brazil and later in 2009 in Portugal by Cristina Barthelemy, Projuris has offices in São Brás de Alportel and Algés. Today, Cristina is assisted by two other lawyers and, in both offices, we speak fluent Portuguese, French and English.

We have a profound knowledge of the real estate market and are therefore able to provide bespoke advice in the real estate law field. We draft all rental contracts, construction contracts, lease agreements, purchase and sale contracts (with or without burden), translations, mortgages, and other acts that are exclusive to lawyers, as dictated for by law no. 2 49/2004 of August, 24.

Acting with respect for each case’s individuality, we always look carefully at its personal, family and social context to frame it, analysing its specificity, alternatives and potential contingencies, thus allowing us to present the possible legal options, and offer a thorough follow-up in each moment and every decision. We work to exceed expectations, providing a service of excellence, and we are at your disposal to clarify any doubts.

Our activity is aimed at both defending and advising our clients or constituents. In the role of advocates, we represent one of the parties in litigation in criminal, civil, administrative or other causes, presenting evidence before the courts in favour of our clients’ positions and interests. As advisers, we counsel clients on their rights and obligations, and suggest certain courses of action in different matters of their professional and personal life.

Our duties include talking to clients, examining witnesses to ascertain the authenticity of facts, drafting legal documents – including petitions, applications and pleadings (document setting out the grounds of the parties in litigation) – and dealing with other matters related to our clients’ defence.

Defend your interests and rights. The intervention of a lawyer can prevent many problems!

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