Project under discussion for ancient city walls

LAGOS CÂMARA wants to open two passages through the ancient city walls, which are classed as national monuments, to allow easier access for residents and visitors.

The reason for the passages would be to create easy access between the fortifications and city park as well as pieces of land bought by the council, which will serve as car parks, and the historical city centre.

According to a Câmara spokesman, the project is being evaluated by the Instituto de Gestão do Património Arquitectónico e Arqueológico (IGESPAR), despite a similar project having been refused earlier this year.  

Local historian Valdemar Coutinho said: “Despite the city walls no longer being used for military purposes, it is important not to lose our heritage.” He added that other options should also be discussed and whether making holes in the city walls is really necessary. “Repairing the walls, which in some parts are on the verge of ruin, should be more urgent than creating passages,” he said.

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