Project for biological vegetable growing

news: Project for biological vegetable growing

The municipality has set aside parcels of land in the Horta João Lúcio to be usedby five local institutions forbiological agriculture and the growing of vegetables.

It is hoped that the initiative will serve as an educational stimulus to children and families in the cultivation of healthier, natural products rather than those grown with artificial chemical aids.

The five associations given the use of the land met to sign the agreement and were given an explanation on the most productive way to use the space offered.

They are RIAS (animal rehabilitation and research centre), MOJU (youngsters centre), Verdades Escondidas (association supporting needy children and youths), CCD do Municipio (municipal culture and sport centre) and the Red Cross.

President of Olhão Câmara, Francisco Leal, said: “We hope these gardens will be a strong force in both educating the public and demonstrating the importance of biological cultivation with natural resources, as opposed to synthetic products, and therefore much better for health.”

The initiative, which has the support of InLoco (an association for economic development and citizenship), aims to facilitate the growing of vegetables as an educational tools for youths as well as bring them together in the promotion of agricultural practices.