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Professional tax and financial advice for foreign investors

Under the current economic crisis which Portugal is facing, it is increasingly essential for every company and entrepreneur to have sound professional tax and financial advice.

This is indeed even more relevant to foreign investors as they may not be fully up to speed with the constant changes in taxes, laws, rules and regulations that play a major role in the management of their businesses in Portugal.

At the Moneris group, we have focused our attention on making sure that we advise our clients in order to enable them to remain competitive and strengthen their business model, while being able to protect their corporate and personal assets, from the day they decide to set up their business in Portugal.

The Moneris group is the largest Portuguese accountancy organisation, with more than 20 offices from north to south, 350 experienced and dedicated professionals and more than 4,000 clients.

Although Moneris is a global player in the Portuguese consultancy marketplace, we make sure that we keep a local and tailor-made approach to our clients with a close relationship, looking after small businesses as well as those of large corporations. The majority of our clients are indeed Small and Medium Enterprises.

In the Algarve, Moneris is present through two local offices, in Almancil and in Albufeira – Moneris Algarve (formerly Orgalgarve) and Moneris DV (formerly Daniel Vicente) respectively.

The group focuses most of its activity in the Algarve in advising foreign investors who want to set up a business and have done so for a number of years through these two very well known business units.

The Moneris group also regularly promotes seminars in English for business people on issues which are on every entrepreneur’s agenda, such as how to cope with the Portuguese tax system. Filomena Ramilo, who has joined the Moneris group, has long been described as “eating, sleeping and breathing taxes”.

She said that these sessions allow Moneris to clarify the options in the laws and regulations that best suit the companies’ objectives.

Over the last few years, the group has acquired a number of accounting practices and retained their most valuable assets – their experienced tax and accountant consultants.

Moneris is, therefore, a group which concentrates some of the most experienced and knowledgeable consultants on accounting and tax advisory.

Such is indeed the case of Daniel Vicente, Filomena Ramilo or Martinha Marta, all of whom the Algarve and, in particular, the foreign investors community know very well for their competence and excellence of service.

It is this level of commitment and knowledge that we will aim to bring to the pages of the Algarve Resident in the forthcoming publications of our “Money Matters” articles.

Moneris is one big team that aims to excel on the level of its service offerings and in these articles we hope to bring to you some of our insights and thus help you, the investor, to overcome these times of turbulence and look ahead for a promising outlook.

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Martinha Marta – [email protected]

Filomena Ramilo – [email protected]

Maria Ribeiro – [email protected]