Problem neighbourhoods

THE POLICE have identified 36 districts within Greater Lisbon that are ‘problem neighbourhoods’, according to the Polícia de Segurança Pública (PSP). In an interview with national newspaper, Portugal Diário, the PSP’s Chief Constable Commandant Francisco Pereira said that these districts, including Amadora on the Sintra line, were considered hostile to police and to people living there. He said that following the gunning down in cold blood of three police agents in Amadora, the PSP considered the zone a higher security threat and, as a result, has increased the police presence in the area. The PSP is also stepping up its patrols, increasing the visibility of police on the streets, while increasing contacts with local organisations and neighbourhood watch groups. “The problem of poor and rundown neighbourhoods is serious and has already been analysed by the PSP. It’s a social problem because, although 90 per cent of the inhabitants are good citizens, the other 10 are marginalised and turn to crime,” he said. C.G.