Probably the easiest BBQ pudding ever!

By Chris Winstanley

Most people don’t think of creating a pudding on the BBQ, but you can create some wonderful desserts to tickle that sweet tooth we all seem to have. Some are elaborate, some are colourful, some are downright decadent.

There is a recipe I love to cook on my BBQ which is by far the one I get the most plaudits for, yet is so simple I feel bad when people tell me how good it is.

Let me introduce you to…

Banana Mars!


Bananas (enough for all your guests, plus a few more – some of them will want another!)

Half to a whole Mars bar or Snickers per banana (dependant on your willpower or size of the banana)

Cooking foil

Some quality vanilla ice cream


Place the banana on a chopping board and with a sharp knife cut lengthways through the banana to create a pocket (don’t go all the way through). Next, slice up your Mars or Snickers and push it into the pocket of the banana to your required level of fill. Close up the pocket as best you can and wrap up the stuffed banana in cooking foil.

You can now cook the rest of your feast, and as you are about to sit down to enjoy your feast and the charcoal is starting to lose temperature (or turn your gas barbecue down to a low heat), place your bananas on the barbecue with the open pouch facing up and away from the direct heat to cook slowly.

If your BBQ has a lid, bring it down. During the cooking process you may need to turn the bananas a couple of times.

By the time you have finished, your bananas will be ready to serve. Take them off the BBQ in their foil and place onto your guest’s plate.

Leave them to open the parcel and get the wonderful smell as the melted soft Mars bar and softened banana merge together. Add the vanilla Ice cream and just lap up the great flavour.

This is certainly not a recipe if you are on a strict diet, but it is the perfect comfort pudding leaving your guests fighting over who will have seconds. Enjoy!

This recipe was provided by Chris Winstanley, owner of Moveison: The Algarve’s Finest Outdoor Living Store, situated just east of Lagos on the EN125, close to Junction 2 of the A22.