Pavlo Sadokha talking with SIC Notícias

Pro-Putin infiltrators within Portuguese NGOs?

Ukrainian associations “concerned over safety of refugees”

With so many doubts already orchestrated by the ‘war of misinformation’ raging alongside military conflict in Ukraine, the Association of Ukrainians in Portugal has warned of another serious concern on their immediate horizon.

Association president Pavlo Sadokha explains there are six NGOs directly connected to Moscow “pretending to be Ukrainians and supporting refugees in Portugal”.

To what end? What is their motivation? In interview with SIC Notícias, Sadokha says this is still unclear. 

These entities could have been infiltrated by pro-Putin sympathizers; they could be working in good faith. 

“We have nothing against what they are doing” (or at least seem to be doing) “but they cannot pretend to be Ukrainian” organisations, he said.

These NGOs do not work with the Ukrainian embassy in Portugal, nor with the Ukrainian government.

Obviously, the fear is for the safety of refugees – the vast majority of which are young women with young children; all of them exhausted and vulnerable.

Pavlol Sadokha stressed there are reports of ‘false Ukrainian humanitarian organisations’ working throughout Europe.

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