Pro-children movement launches appeal against any further ‘mass vaccinations’ against Covid-19

Movement lobbies Supreme Administrative Tribunal ‘before babies are targeted’

The Movement for Children and Teens in the Pandemic has launched an appeal this week against any further mass-vaccinations against Covid-19.

The gist of the message directed at every parent, as well as the judges of the Supreme Administrative Tribunal, is that a position must be taken legally before babies are targeted with vaccines that still only have “conditional approval” and are without the full gamut of “security and efficacy” testing.

We are not giving up!” the appeal begins before presenting its case in emotive terms which, surprisingly, have barely been touched on by the national media.

The truth is that the movement’s initial attemps to bring a moratorium on child vaccinations was brutally quashed, within hours of presentation of a so-called Class Action.

Since then, the movement has battled with appeals, to the point that the matter will now be considered by the Supreme Administrative Tribunal.

Hopes are that parents dubious of the benefits of submitting children to these new vaccines will lobby the court themselves.

The English translation can be read here:

“We are tired but profoundly committed. We are not giving up! And you?

“On August 13, 2021, a popular precautionary procedure nº1448/21.2BELSB entered the Administrative Tribunal of the Lisbon Circle with a view to suspending the mass vaccination of our children for Covid-19, with a vaccine given conditional authorisation, the security and efficacy of which had not (and still has not) been duly proved.

“We considered this process to be of extreme importance for the country since we were believers in the separation of powers, and in the value of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic. Thus, its submission to what we understood to be at the time to be the impartiality of the courts would make it possible to clarify the population on the legality of this measure, its necessity and also on the balance between private interests of pharmaceutical companies and the public interest, in the presence thereof. 

“These doubts are legitimate given the high amount spent by the State on the acquisition of vaccines and antiviral for Covid.-19, all of which have conditional authorisation and are without duly proven safety and efficacy nor are they quality assured (from the production cycle to product effectiveness)”.

The unprecedented number of adverse reactions to Covid-19 vaccines, registered by the main pharmacovigilance systems (Portuguese, European, American, British, World Health Organisaiton) – including serious adverse reactions and death – have been systematically undervalued by health and media authorities.

“Meantime, contact with real-life cases which are quietly becoming known, has shown there are people suffering irreversible consequences from these vaccinations (including so-called ‘serious adverse reactions’). Many have witnessed deaths of family members after taking them. 

“It is shocking that those who live in the climate of fear that has been inflicted on them believe these collateral effects to be legitimate – even for the common good. Are they really for the common good? Have vaccines prevented death, transmission and serious illness? Where are these studies? Why is data hidden from the public?

“Victims of these vaccines feel the weight of shame, for having allowed themselves to be carried away by the propaganda machine, financed as it was so that a cult to vaccination was started, and rights, freedoms and guarantees were exchanged for a brief and elusive sense of security.

“They still live in fear, a lot of fear, because they feel in their skin, through physical and emotional pain, how far political decisions can go.

“Everyone allowed this. We refer to those who could have done something – those with academic and scholastic advantages, who occupy the right positions in which to analyse that what was being imposed could be unconstitutional and arbitrary. All were complicit in destroyed lives which were not the work of chance. 

“Victims blame themselves – because they went (to vaccination centres) on their own feet… they feel they were their own executioners because they adhered to measures dictated by the DGS (health directorate), the ministry of health and the Portuguese government.

“So, the precautionary procedure on child vaccinations against Covid-19 entered court on August 13, 2021 – and within two hours the Public Ministry had made up its mind it was faced with negationists; conspiracy theorists. Furiously, the judge opposed the bid, presumably of the opinion that evil could be destroyed at its root … It was declared that the plaintiff was an illegitimate party to bring a Class Action in the interests of children’s health and that therefore the process had no basis. The court essentially wiped the slate clean: the claim would be a waste of time.

“The pandemic has shown a totalitarianism emerging… and the most extraordinary thing is that it seems to have been accepted by the majority of Portuguese who, instead of fighting for their rights, liberties and guarantees, for democracy and sovereignty, seem to be asleep. Anyone who wants to confront are dismissed as “ists” (negationists/ conspiracy theorists) and suffer harsh penalties of segregation and coercion”.

The movement continues its background story: “The appeal (of the first judicial ruling) went to the Central Administrative Court of the South which ruled that it was useless. Yes, useless… because all children would be vaccinated, ‘even if some were not’. All, even if some were not. That’s what was said!

“From the Supreme Administrative Court – and as a result of a new appeal – hope emerged. At least the whole judicial machine hasn’t been captured by partiality in terms of Covid-19. The court ruled that there action could not be decreed useless if there were still children to be vaccinated”. (which there are: less than half the nation’s parents ended up acceding to vaccines for children aged from 5-11)

And so, finally, after months of being bumped from pillar to post, the matter is back for consideration, this time with the Supreme Administrative Tribunal.

“Very soon they are going to vaccinate babies of six-months old; the future of our territory, of our country”, says the text.

Can this be borne out? Certainly there has been no whiff so far of any vaccination policies affecting the very young.

Neighbouring Spain however announced last Friday that “there will be a fourth dose for the entire population”, coming in October.

There was nothing in the announcement pointing to the vaccinations being in any way mandatory; there were no details on situations in which it would be required – and it has to be remembered that Portugal has not, up till now at least, made Covid vaccines obligatory for children or teens. The reality may have been that people felt coerced into accepting them, but they were not forced to take the jabs, nor to insist that their children take them. Everything, up till now, has been ‘voluntary’.

The movement for children and teenagers in the pandemic however believes people may well be querying the need for any kind of further vaccination campaigns, and is asking  them to write to the tribunal expressing their concerns.

“Together we are stronger. Together we can fight for a more transparent future, and real liberty for our children”.

The address to write to is

Anyone doing so must remember to put in the subject box: ‘procedimento cautelar popular n.º 1448/21.2BELSB’.

Mails, says the movement, should be addressed to: Excelentíssimos senhores colendos conselheiros do Supremo Tribunal Administrativo.

Portugal is (still) European Country with most new cases of SARS-CoV-2 and ‘2nd in world’

While the wider media has so far blanked the movement’s latest appeal, Lusa is reiterating earlier texts on the fact that Portugal is the European country with the most new cases of SARS-CoV-2, and the second in the world.

As always, SARS-CoV-2 is presented as Covid-19 (when it isn’t: a case is not the disease: a case of SARS-CoV-2 does not mean the person infected goes on to become ill).

But the message, as before, does not explain that Portugal is also one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, with elderly populations – currently showing unprecedented levels of excess deaths (and Covid deaths) – largely 100% covered.

This is an important detail as it neatly argues the case of the movement for children and teenagers in the pandemic: the safety and efficacy of these vaccines (which in October will have been ‘tweaked’) has not been duly proven.