Uruguay has seen parents delight over judge's ruling. Image: AP/ Matilde Campodonico

Pro-children movement integrating pediatricians and health experts delights in court victory… in Uruguay

“We hope to have news like this in Portugal soon”

The pro-children movement that has fought so hard to ensure Portugal’s children are not subjected to vaccines against Covid-19 has today shared what it sees as a major court victory… in Uruguay.

Last week judge Alejandro Recarey ordered “the immediate suspension” of Covid-19 vaccinations for children under the age of 13.

“The suspension will remain in place until integral publication of “all purchase contracts for these vaccines” between the government and pharmaceutical companies, and only after documents that “detail the composition of substances being inoculated” have been published.

Judge Alejandro Recarey understands that there should also “be supplied to all those responsible for minors who they vaccinate” a text “which informs completely and with clarity” on the content of these injections, their benefits, the risks in their application – “with details on the nature, probability and magnitude” of those risks, and a report of all “adverse effects already detected, in their totality”.

The movement has sent out a letter to all its subscribers today, providing a link to the judge’s decree, with the sign off that it is “hoping that we have news like this in Portugal soon”.

The movement for the rights of children and teens in the pandemic has been active since the outset of the mass vaccination campaign – which has already shown amply that it was not the silver bullet it was cracked out to be, and leaves many questions in the air over increasing excess mortality across all age groups.

It delivered a Class Action against the mass-vaccination of Portugal’s youngest citizens – arguing multiple reasons, not least the fact that young children are rarely affected by SARS-CoV-2 infection – but all through the process it has been bounced through the court system.

The Class Action is now with the Supreme Court, and the group is adamant that an answer must come before any more children are vaccinated.

Meantime, in the UK yesterday, GB News carried an exposé on ‘Victims of the Vax’ which acknowledges incidences of vaccine injury that have never before made it onto a mainstream news channel.