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Private security guards to strike for better wages

Rallies are scheduled for Lisbon, Porto and Portimão

The Union of Private Security (ASSP) has announced a strike and several rallies for this Friday (January 19) as part of its fight for a 9.5% salary increase for private security guards.

Their goal is to see their work “valued” and their salaries “adjusted to the current economic reality,” the strike notice reads.

Rallies are scheduled for Lisbon, Porto, and Portimão and also aim to call attention to the need to “improve working conditions” for private security guards, “ensuring a safe and suitable work environment”. In Portimão, the rally will begin at 10am in front of the Aqua Shopping Centre.

Another demand is the end of the “six-day adaptability regime”. ASSP has “vehemently rejected” this regime, considering it “a practice that compromises the physical and mental health of workers, as well as the balance between professional and personal life.”

The union is also calling for a 50% pay increase for work performed on Sundays and for access to night subsidies for workers with contracts signed before 2004.

“Night work has a significant physical and psychological impact on workers,” the union says, adding that the current compensation is not “strong” enough.

ASSP adds that the rallies will be “a moment of unity and solidarity among private security professionals, reaffirming their determination to achieve necessary improvements.”

ASSP is a union formed six years ago that is “committed to defending the rights and interests of private security workers in Portugal, seeking to promote fair and dignified working conditions.”

By Michael Bruxo

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