Óscar Gaspar, talking to RTP.
Óscar Gaspar, talking to RTP. Will the private sector 'deepen relations' with Portugal's SNS State health system? Image: Lusa

Private sector “available to deepen relationship with State health service”

Óscar Gaspar, the President of APAH (the Portuguese Association of Private Hospitalisation) says his sector is ready to deepen relations, “in a strategic and planned form”, with the SNS State health service. Speaking of his ‘concern’ at the very real crisis within the SNS, he said today that private hospitals could, for example, provide doctors in situations where the SNS could not. “We do not need more work, but we are available”, he said, coincidentally just at a point when the ministry of health has said it has gone a good part of the way towards reaching agreement with striking syndicates.