Private hospital treats wounded gunman “without calling police”

A worrying lack of communication between private hospitals and the police has been highlighted now that an alleged gang of armed robbers is safely behind bars.

The horrific shoot-out that killed a passing father-of-two last year (click here) saw a purported gang member known as “the Fat One” receive ricochet wounds to one of his hands just hours after the incident prompted a major police manhunt, widely publicised over the nation’s media.

To give Cascais’ Cuf hospital fair due, the Fat One’s injuries were not instantly recognisable as caused by gunshot.

This is perhaps why suspicions were not raised by the doctors attending him.

Tabloid Correio da Manhã says it was significant nonetheless that the Fat One chose a private hospital.

“He avoided casualty in the state system because PSP police are on duty there, and the PJ would have automatically been called”.

As it was, the Fat One well and truly chanced his arm: filing an insurance claim for the expenses incurred at Cuf, saying his hand had been damaged in an accident at his sister’s bakery.

Counter-terrorism police finally caught up with him and his alleged co-conspirators in March this year, and the group are all now facing multiple charges including armed robbery, murder and vehicle theft.

Cuf Cascais meantime has said it will be making a statement about its professionals’ perceived ‘lack of communication with authorities’.

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