Prinson Guards
Image: Lusa

Prison guards mount vigil outside Monsanto high security jail

Protest scheduled for day after thousands expected in police demo outside parliament 

Prison guards will be holding a vigil in front of Monsanto high security jail, in Lisbon, tomorrow over career and working conditions, at a time when a strike is scheduled for the end of the month, and the day after a mass demonstration of police is due outside parliament.

Frederico Morais, leader of the National Prison Guard Union (SNCGP), which has organised the 9am vigil, has told Lusa this protest is related to demands that motivated the strike – including the issue of mission allowances, which has sparked protests by the country’s PSP and GNR forces.

According to the trade unionist, the issue is the “valorisation and dignification of the prison guard profession, the restructuring of pay supplements and the approval of the performance evaluation system”.

Frederico Morais accuses Minister of Justice, Catarina Sarmento e Castro, of “failing to fulfil her written promise to issue a decree on the performance appraisal system”.

This decree would have an impact on career progression and would allow for equalisation with the PSP appraisal system.

Prison guards are also fighting for an improvement in pay supplements, an issue which, Morais admits, involves the question of the mission allowance for the PJ which left out not only prison guards, but the PSP and GNR as well.

Police forces throughout the country have been holding protests in various towns and cities over the fact that the government approved the PJ’s mission supplement without any apparent thought for doing the same for the rest of the sector. This is the beef that will see scores of buses and coaches carrying police to the capital this afternoon, for their latest protest. ND

Source material: LUSA