Prison escapees top more than 100

More than 100 inmates fled custody while on weekend release across the country between June 2012 and 2013, according to data provided by the prison service and social reintegration authority (DGRSP).

In 2012, more than 10,000 prisoners were allowed this release, but 65 of them did not return to prison to complete their sentence. Between January and June 2013, 4,694 inmates were allowed weekend release, but 44 of those ignored orders to return to prison.

The latest escapee was triple murderer Américo Pissarreira (who was recently captured – see below), with the number of prison evasions rising to 110 in July. However, only 18 escapees are still on the loose. In terms of actual prison breaks, the number amounts to 23 in 2012 with four escapees still to be found. This year, four prisoners successfully made their escape but were later captured.

Murderer captured

Triple killer Américo Pissarreira, 42, who fled prison in July for the third time since his first flight from the police in 1994 was captured by Sertã GNR on August 3 in Fonte Nova, near Vale das Casas, where he used to live. He had a knife in his possession. In 1994, Pissarreira was sentenced to 20 years’ inprisonment for killing three people, including a child, during a robbery.