Prioritising your property maintenance

The older the property, the greater the likelihood that aspects of it are showing the signs of wear and tear.

Whilst very few properties are likely to be in a dangerous state, it is worth considering how best to tackle the maintenance of such a valuable asset.  

The most effective way to pre-empt potential future problems, or to diagnose existing problems, with any property, is to arrange a professional inspection or survey. This can be considered as a parallel with the annual MOT inspection legally required for motor vehicles of a certain age.

As any asset ages, it is sound advice to protect your investment by having a professional specialist carry out a regular periodic inspection.  

The majority of major defects which can arise in any property, result from the failure of one or more of the components to the property, and more often than not this will be relating to the exterior of the property, which might not be regularly inspected to identify problems as they occur.  

Regular inspection of a property, together with carrying out routine repairs at a timely early stage, will protect the value of the asset, in some cases even adding value and enabling the living space to feel more comfortable.  

Well planned maintenance should be a natural progression of regular property inspections, allowing the owner to effectively budget for periodic maintenance, spreading the costs of repair works and reducing the risk of a potentially major expense if a problem occurs.  

Owning a property is very often the biggest financial investment a person makes, therefore it is not advisable to turn a blind eye to it.  

Algarve-based firm GMT 24:7 offer a unique, low cost Property M.O.T. service to ensure the right level of care and attention when it comes to your property.

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