Prices rise at Lisbon’s public car parks

A NEW tariff came into force at the 17 council operated car parks in Lisbon at the beginning of this week.

Short-stay car parks are the worst affected, while at long-stay car parks, under the new rules, parking will be free after five hours.

The new tariff, proposed by the Social Democrat councilor for mobility, Marina Ferreira, was approved a week ago by Lisbon Municipal Assembly, but attracted many votes against it from representatives of the Socialist and Left Block parties.

By charging five cents per minute after the first 15 minutes of parking time, the council hopes to dissuade the public from using their cars in the city, a move aimed at easing congestion and making the capital more environmentally friendly.

At short-stay car parks, close to post offices, tax offices and banks, including those in Estrada da Luz, Corpo Santo and Avenida Lusiada, one hour will cost 1.20 euros, two hours, 2.35 euros, three hours, 3.55 euros and four hours, 4.85 euros.

Medium stay car parks situated in Avenida dos Combatentes, Biblioteca Nacional, Areeiro, Pavilhão Carlos Lopes, Rua Gomes Freire, Sete Rios, Álvaro Pais, Teixeira de Pascoães, Calçada do Combro and Portas do Sol are slightly cheaper. One hour costs 1.15 euros, two hours, 2.15 euros, three hours, 3.20 euros and four hours, 4.20 euros.

The cheapest are the long stay car parks at the Colégio Militar and Cidade Universitária. There, it costs one euro for one hour’s parking, 1.85 euros for two hours, 2.20 euros for three hours, 2.50 euros for four hours and from the fifth hour it is free.