Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine – Medicine of the future

Preventive Medicine is aimed at disease prevention and includes various specifically targeted measures and counselling, based on the principle that one should not only consult a doctor when one is ill, but most importantly when one is in good health.

Preventative medicine identifies imbalances related to age and lifestyle, using advanced scientific technology, based on the individual as a whole.

The fast lifestyle of today is associated with – stress, insufficient hours of sleep, wrong nutritional choices, pollution, and physical inactivity, among others.

All this precipitates premature aging, due to alterations and imbalance in the metabolism of our cells. This imbalance is reflected essentially by inflammation and oxidation of our cells, which increase the level of free radicals, fatty acids and toxins, and weaken the intestinal permeability and the immune system, among other consequences.

This group of disorders manifest themselves in the most currently prevalent diseases: arteriosclerosis, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, kidney disease, hormonal imbalances, dementia or cancer. All these risks are well known to us all. It is important therefore to adopt other patterns of behaviour.

The formula for optimal cell function includes sufficient supply of oxygen, essential nutrients and the efficient elimination of toxins. The organs responsible for this are: the liver, kidneys, colon, lungs, lymphatic system and skin, which basically form the basis of cellular medicine, personifying the longevity of anti-aging solutions.

The concept of anti-ageing is based on “Preventive, Personalized, Predictive and Participatory Medicine,” meaning people should consult a doctor when they are in good health, to prevent and detect imbalances as early as possible, rather than focusing on treating disease, which is often severe, chronic and irreversible.

Preventive health management consists of four steps which can be summarised as follows:

1. Check-Up – Preventive Medicine Consultation with biophysical evaluation, nutritional evaluation, osteopathic evaluation, biochemical anti-ageing evaluation and clinical exams;
2. Strategy – Personalised plan;
3. Action – Anti-ageing medical therapy, such as keeping fit, functional nutrition, body rebalance, nutraceutical supplementation, regular detox and relaxation;
4. Results – Detoxification, weight loss, global rebalance, strengthening of the immune system, regeneration and cellular protection.

This method, which will be soon available at the Longevity Health and Wellness Hotel (next to the Alvor Hospital) promotes a deep understanding of the causes of various imbalances and offers individual strategies for the improvement of health and well-being. By choosing this approach we move from a reactive to a proactive attitude towards the protection of our greatest asset – our health!

Article supplied by the Hospital Particular do Algarve Group, with hospitals in Alvor and Gambelas (Faro)