Prevention is the key to health

Prevention is the key to health

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure; that is one of the best expressions to define chiropractic’s philosophy and its concept of health.

Chiropractic care’s objective is not limited to the absence of symptoms, but mainly to elevate the potential of wellbeing, leaving the body in total harmony.

When a chiropractor sees a patient in a crisis state, we often observe that the problem did not start suddenly. The body was already giving signs that the problem was building up, but they were ignored thinking that it will just go away …

Most spinal problems are the result of years of neglect. Spinal malfunction can be there without producing any noticeable symptoms. Since our bodies are very adaptable, we can accommodate to a variety of stresses for a long period of time. Little by little, you lose your ability to adapt to your environment, and signs and symptoms start to show up.

What happens is that we usually ignore that little discomfort in the shoulder as we are typing at the computer, the recurrent headaches or that mild low-back pain first thing in the morning. Not only do we ignore them, but we also interfere with them by taking a pain killer. We do not want to feel any pain. But, truly, pain is an indicator.

Our bodies are built with an integrated alarm system that functions beautifully. If you feel pain, it is because something is not right, and it is an indication that it is time to take curative and preventative measures. Do you wait for a red light to be flashing in the dashboard of your car before you do an oil change? Why should you wait for your body to scream for help before you take care of it?

Chiropractic care helps not only to deal with spinal pain and discomfort but goes beyond that. Chiropractic care’s principal objectives are to:

  • Increase your quality of life by being more flexible;
  • Promote wellbeing by relieving the body’s tensions;
  • Optimise body function by removing nervous interferences;
  • Reduce side effects of medicine and avoid drug dependency by relieving pain associated with spinal malfunctions.

Having regular, preventative spinal adjustments is a natural way to allow your body to function and perform as it was designed.

Regardless of what your lifestyle has been in the past, it is never too late to get healthier. Every small step you take towards improving your health will make a big difference. Don’t forget that the one that does not take time to take care of his or her health will be forced to take time to take care of the disease.

You now know not to ignore your body’s messages. Do not wait until your symptoms get worse before correcting those spinal dysfunctions. Health is the best gift you can ever give yourself.

By Sandra Genest-Boudreau | Christophe O. Alves
|| [email protected]

Sandra Genest-Boudreau is French-Canadian, who graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 1990 before coming to the Algarve in 2002. She is passionate about adjusting all her patients, particularly children. Christophe Alves graduated from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) UK, and has a special interest in Sport Chiropractic. Algarve Quiroprática clinic: EN125 in Pêra | 282 312 853 | 969 397 375
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