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Preventing myopia in the digital era

Text by Optimax

Myopia is a refractive disorder in which the eyeball grows larger than expected or the cornea becomes too curved. This issue allows us to see objects up close, but from a distance, our eyes cannot focus, making our vision blurry.

In this digital era we live in, we spend much time on our devices – whether it is on our smartphone, tablet, computer or even our good old television – and this takes a toll on our vision and eye health. It is thus vital that we are aware of this condition (more commonly known as nearsightedness), prevent it with good ocular health, such as limiting the time we spend looking at a screen or using the correct lighting to read, and learn to recognise its signs, as to act quickly if needed and in a timely manner.

The high exposure of our eyes to screens, especially in children and youngsters where the eyeball and the eyes are still under development, puts them at a higher risk for developing this condition, and it is possible to see this problem worsening throughout the globe. The main warning signs we should be on the lookout for regarding the development of myopia are:
– Headaches;
– Squinting or difficulty focusing on objects;
– Excessive blinking and a feeling of discomfort in the eyes;
– Feeling the need to get close to objects to see them;
– Closing one of the eyes to focus on something.

In order to control the progression of myopia it is important to have optometry consultations at least every two years, though doing it every year is highly recommended. Changes in the eyeglasses’ prescriptions must be accompanied by a specialist optometrist, who will adjust the strength of the lenses as per the evolution of your refractive situation.

At Optimax these optometry consultations are free of charge. Using Optimax means being able to rely on a network of stores in the Algarve, fully equipped with the latest technology, and a team of trained and highly qualified professionals, ready to help and advise you on whatever you need for your eyes.

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Little girl doing an eye check-up to prevent myopia

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