SNS photo publicising 3rd dose rollout among Portugal's over-65s

Pressure builds for wider 3rd dose rollout as “half new cases of Covid-19 in Portugal have been fully-vaccinated”

Half the new cases of Covid-19 in Portugal are in people who have been fully-vaccinated.

This has been confirmed by president of the General Medical Council Miguel Guimarães, and is being used very much as an impetus to try and persuade authorities to extend 3rd vaccine dose coverage to the whole population.

“Vaccines have a term of durability when it comes to efficacy to avoid infection, and in giving us protection against serious illness”, Miguel Guimarães has explained.

“This period could be starting to come to an end for many people who were vaccinated in December and January” (meaning, in the main, the countries oldest and most vulnerable citizens).

For this reason “the need for the 3rd dose becomes evident”, he told CMTV.

According to the latest ‘red lines’ report produced by INSA (institute of public health Dr Ricardo Jorge), a total of 43,751 citizens have become infected with SARS-CoV-2 in Portugal since becoming fully-vaccinated.

Bearing in mind these will be the people vaccinated in December and January, the inference is that many more thousands will become vulnerable to infection as the weeks and months advance.

And on the basis that the vaccination rollout ‘accelerated’ from April/ May, so too could the number of infections.

Health minister Marta Temido has already sounded the alert over increasing numbers of new infections (click here).

The waning of effect of Covid vaccines has to a large extent been explained by numbers rising in other countries (click here) – particularly those that had a more efficient rollout of jabs before Portugal ‘caught up’ under the auspices of vice-admiral Gouveia e Melo – whereas people who have contracted the virus ‘naturally’ are believed to have a much more robust immune response (click here).