Marcelo says ECB should rethink jumbo hikes in interest rates
Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa: Archive image: Horacio Villalobos/ Lusa

President vetoes fourth draft euthanasia bill

President Marcelo has returned the 4th draft of the bill decriminalising assisted dying to parliament, admitting that his reservations are his own and will not require another sending of the text to the Constitutuional Court. In other words, if parliament chooses to amend the decree to accommodate his “very specific requests”, he will promulgate it – and if it doesn’t “there is no drama”. In fact, Marcelo admits he will be “obliged to promulgate” the bill even so. Marcelo’s doubts came in the form of who “defines the patient’s physical incapacity to self-administer lethal drugs, as well as who should ensure medical supervision during the act of medically assisted death.”