President of Portugal exchanges ‘collars’ with King of Morocco

In another short-hop diplomatic visit, President of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has been in Morocco this week, exchanging “the highest decorations in the land” with King Mohammed VI in Casablanca. Presenting the king with the Grand Collar of the Military Order of Sant’lago de Espada – the same decoration given to his father by former president Mário Soares – President Marcelo received in return the Grand Collar of Wissam Al-Mohammadi.

Pomp and ceremony was followed by private talks between the two men, reports SIC TV, adding that President Marcelo was due to spend eight hours in Casablanca before flying home.

This was the ninth trip overseas that Portugal’s head of state has made since taking office in March, and the second to an African country – the first being to Mozambique.

Photo: © 2016 Presidência da República Portuguesa