President Marcelo tries to broker truce over Santa Maria’s resigning doctors

President Marcelo has stepped into the drama affecting Accident and Emergency at Lisbon’s Santa Maria hospital (click here).

The head of State says a crisis in the health sector (on top of everything else: the political crisis, looming elections and sudden spike in Covid-19 cases) is “undesirable”.

Marcelo is calling for an agreement between the hospital’s administrative board and the resigning doctors – while the general medical council has said it simply cannot understand how matters could have reached this crux.

As the council stresses, the situation is worrying “principally because this is a leading hospital” – one that is often most relied on when others in the Lisbon area have reached capacity.

The administrative council meantime is reported to have “guaranteed” it is doing everything to ensure the service is not affected, remaining “available for dialogue”.

This is very much what it said at the beginning of the month when the doctors originally threatened to walk out over deteriorating conditions and exhausting overtime demands (click here).

According to SIC television news, health minister Marta Temido “is waiting for the situation to unfold”.