President Marcelo leaves hospital after minor heart op

President Marcelo has already left hospital after a minor heart op, performed at the Santa Cruz hospital in Carnaxide (Lisbon) yesterday (Wednesday).

The ‘catheterisation’ (a procedure used to diagnose and treat certain cardiovascular conditions) was mooted earlier this month, when the head of State suggested that he wouldn’t be standing again if doctors thought his health might compromise his performance.

But today the prognosis is good . Say reports, ‘everything points to the president re-candidating himself’.

The surgical procedure did indeed “confirm the existence of important coronary obstructions, which were treated there and then with success and without complications”, writes Correio da Manhã, saying that “everything indicates that a stent was inserted (into one of the president’s arteries)” though this has not been confirmed by the doctors, nor the president himself.

Leaving hospital in his habitual elegant suit, spritely and as ready to engage as ever, the Marcelo praised the SNS health system and admitted that he feels “a great deal better today than I felt this time yesterday”.

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