PM expresses 'great enthusiasm' over election in Brazil of new president Lula da Silva
Lula da Silva won the legislative elections in Brazil at the end of October last year by a whisker (50.8% of the votes to Bolsonaro's 49.2%). Voters who did not 'get their man' have been protesting ever since

President Lula thanks Marcelo for being first to condemn rioters’ invasion

Brazil’s president Lula da Silva has thanked Portugal’s head of State for being the first to condemn the invasion yesterday by pro-Bolsonaro rioters of various public buildings in Brasilia. As journalists on the ground have commented, this invasion (of Congress, the Senate and the Presidential Palace) was ‘on the cards’ since the results of the election which gave a slim majority to Lula while pro-Bolsonarists felt the results were rigged. Unrest has not been helped by the fact that former President Bolsonaro is not in the country, and seemingly refusing to condemn his supporters’ actions.