Tiago Petinga/ Lusa : a previous meeting of Council of State

President convenes Council of State

Single item on agenda: situation in Ukraine

President Marcelo will be chairing a Council of State today, in Cascais at 3pm, with the single item on the agenda being the situation in Ukraine.

This will be the first Council of State of 2022 (the last was in November 2021).

President Marcelo has already sent out repeated appeals for “peace” and “contention in declarations by politicians” – and referred to the civilians fleeing from this tragedy as “people with flesh and blood” for whom we can only all have infinite solidarity.

174 Portuguese soldiers to leave for Romania within next two weeks

In line with declarations made by government sources earlier this month, Portugal has decided to ‘bring forwards’ the mobilisation of Portuguese military for a mission under NATO’s Tailored Forward Presence in Romania, which borders with Ukraine.

The soldiers will be leaving for the mission “at the end of March, beginning of April” and will be stationed in the south.

Portugal meantime has already, sent military equipment to Ukraine, including bullet proof vests, helmets, night-vision goggles, grenades, different calibre munitions, complete portable radios, automatic G3 rifles and analog repeaters (telecoms equipment).

The day after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Portugal pledged to send a total of 1,800 military, as well as a great deal of military hardware.

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