President and PM “back to back” for first time

With the CDS-PP’s motion of no confidence scheduled to take place in parliament next Tuesday, there is no denying that PS Socialists are between a rock and a hard place.

Incoming ‘deputy PM’ Pedro Siza Vieira has already made given his first interview to ECO online, saying: “We have a devastated country, a failed State and a weakened government”.

And that’s coming from one of prime minister António Costa’s long-time friends.

Say reports, the government’s performance throughout this year’s fire tragedies has led to the first real confrontation between President Marcelo and António Costa.

The latter is said “not to have liked” Marcelo’s very public attack earlier this week (click here) – particularly as he was given no forewarning about its bottom-line.

Sources have stressed however that the likelihood of President Marcelo making good on the inference that he could dissolve parliament is almost zero.

Nonetheless, the word “tense” is now being used to describe the previously apparently easy relationship between the two men, and the spectre of Marcelo and what he hopes to see the government doing will be weighing heavily on tomorrow’s extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers.

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