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Preserve your independence

CAREALARM, BASED in Lagoa, provides a fully integrated homecare safety system, which combines a range of monitoring equipment backed up by a control centre, for individuals who have restricted mobility, a chronic illness or just want to preserve their independence a little longer.

For 35 euros a month, a base unit is installed into the home and a ceiling pullchord and lightweight pendant trigger are supplied. The pendant trigger is a portable device, allowing the user to raise the alarm from anywhere in the home as well as outdoors.

Fear of crime can also be significantly reduced if all you need to do is push a button; so a panic button can be installed next to the front door or bedside to allow the user to raise the alarm if they fear an intruder is in the home. Alarm calls can be totally silent if needed, allowing the control centre to listen in on the situation and intervene if necessary.

A smoke alarm, flood, gas and heat detector, fall trigger and carbon monoxide alerter can also be fitted with the base unit, providing peace of mind not only for the individuals concerned but also for their families, friends and neighbours.

As soon as the emergency button is pressed, the control centre is called, where you will speak to a trained operator who will arrange the assistance you need day or night. They will keep the line open and continue to monitor your situation until they are certain that care has arrived and you are in safe hands. The control centre holds all the information about clients, what language they speak, where they live, how to gain entry into the house, their contacts, doctors, and so on.

David Chalk bought the Carealarm business at the beginning of this year and has already installed 20 systems. “It is such an exciting product,” he said. With the full support of the system suppliers, Initial Community Care Ltd, one of the largest companies of its kind in the world, Carealarm is a product that few can really do without.

For more information about Carealarm, contact David in his Lagoa office on 282 380 520, fax 282 380 529, e-mail [email protected] or visit their website on