Preparing your rental strategy for post-summer bookings

Preparing your rental strategy for post-summer bookings

The summer of 2022 is in full swing here in the Algarve.

In many of our previous articles, we have spoken of the unprecedented number of bookings for the peak summer season. Now, we are seeing this all come to fruition.

Schools across Ireland and the UK, one of our biggest markets, are wrapping up for the holidays. Many others are also switching on their ‘out of office’ and getting ready for a fantastic Algarve villa holiday.

While it is important to focus on these guests, ensuring a seamless stay from start to finish, villa and apartment owners should still be planning ahead. There has been a huge spike in enquiries and bookings following the peak summer months. Our team have started to identify key trends which can help villa owners attract guests in the post-summer months.

Highlight what guests will be looking for

In September and October, the weather in the Algarve is not to be frowned upon. The sun is still shining, though the evenings can be cooler. It means there will be certain things owners will need to highlight that suits the slightly cooler climate.

For late September to October, there is an increasing demand for heated pools. These are certainly a tempting option for guests. Even in the summer months, heated pools are quite the pull for guests. Therefore, it should definitely be considered as an addition to your property’s pool if you haven’t already.

Local amenities also require some attention. For example, golfers and tennis lovers will want to know how close your property is to the best facilities. Playing in cooler weather is a big plus for sports enthusiasts. Finally, highlight nearby restaurants and bars – these will be quieter in the post-summer months too.

The importance of planning ahead

Due to the quieter months after summer, it’s also a perfect time to start planning ahead to 2023. Of course, owners will still expect occupancy in off-peak or shoulder seasons. However, it’s still important to get ahead of the curve.

At SandyBlue, we use these months for meticulous inspections and feedback, both inside and outside. Should anything need repairing, updating or adding new features, knowing what needs doing helps our owners massively. For added peace of mind, security checks are carried out too.

Embrace the post-summer months

Our team always believe that a property should be front and centre all year round – not just the peak summer months. Using this time to attract guests, while planning ahead to next year, will help property owners in the Algarve really see a steady stream of rental income.

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By Joe Mountain
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