Preparing the alfresco life for 2020

Summer has ended and it is time to start looking into the year ahead and preparing the new season.

At Moveison Outdoor Living this means planning and ordering their ranges for next year, visiting and talking to suppliers from Holland, UK, Italy, Indonesia and China, attending international trade fairs to keep up with the new trends and preparing a new selection of high-quality items to offer their clients.

We’ve asked them what should we lookout for in 2020. Chris Winstanley, who owns and runs Moveison with his wife Melanie, tells us that “trends are changing, moving away from the traditional polyrattan materials and over to new materials like marine rope and all weather fabrics such as Sunbrella”. “Also the alfresco life is being enhanced with the introduction of amazing outdoor kitchens, including refrigerators and sinks made out of amazing durable materials”, he adds.

With the growing concern and awareness regarding the planet’s sustainability, there is a green element coming through in terms of fashion for the outdoors, with many new items being made from recycled goods. At Moveison’s this is not something new and you can find in their showroom many of these products for quite a few years now, for according to them supporting the outdoor lifestyle also means respecting and protecting our planet.

“Just wait until you see what we have planned for next year. We are putting together our best selection ever”, they tell us.

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