Preparing for Twelfth Night

English-language theatre group A Portada have created an interactive information pack to support the forthcoming production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Before going to watch the play, being performed at the auditorium in Lagoa on September 9 and 10, those wanting to learn more about the play can request an information pack to familiarise themselves with the story.

The pack consists of seven activities including quiz questions and prediction games and has been structured to make each activity build on the next.  

Illustrated with photos of the cast, the information pack can be accessed on computer and rather than simply recounting the story of the look-alike twins Viola and Sebastian, it instead is an informative and interactive learning tool.

There will be two performances of Twelfth Night at Lagoa Auditorium with the first on September 9 at 8pm and the second on September 10 at 5pm.

Tickets cost €12 each with concessions available for group bookings.

For further information about the pack, or to buy tickets for the show, please email apor[email protected] or call 910 037 151