Preparing for the season of winter getaways

Preparing for the season of winter getaways

With the peak of the summer season behind us, we must celebrate a great season for the Algarve.

It was the first full summer since the pandemic where we saw the Algarve’s lively spirit fully return.

Looking at our own guest feedback, it seems all had a great summer. However, just because the summer is over, there are still a few months left in 2022. This is the perfect time for villa owners in the Algarve to reflect on their rental offerings and even consider winter rentals.

The Algarve in the winter, of course, does not reach the sizzling temperatures of the summer, though it is still a pleasant time for golf, long walks and many more activities. We are already seeing high interest from guests looking for a different kind of winter and Christmas season. So, villa owners should consider the benefits of winter rentals.

Longer stays are a must

The Autumn and Winter seasons are the best choices for tourists looking for an extended stay in the Algarve. We have been following the longer stays trend for many years now, incorporating it into our own rental and marketing strategies.

Without a longer stays offering, villa owners are missing out on a significant segment of potential guests. In particular, retirees or remote workers are using their situations to branch out and enjoy an extended stay outside of their own country.

Our villa specialists and property managers have already helped many owner partners get on board the longer-stays trend. Interest has gone global, with increased guest enquiries in Germany, France and even Portuguese nationals.

What guests look for in winter getaways

At SandyBlue, we always use this period for evolution. We work closely with our owner partners to identify improvements, potential additions and other ways to maximise their rental income.

For winter getaways, there are a few obvious choices to include in your property if you haven’t already. Heated pools are definitely a top choice for guests. Of course, with the fresh and cool evenings, heating inside the property is also a high priority.

With many activities to enjoy, it is important to promote exactly what guests can do in the surrounding area. The SandyBlue team create detailed location guides, outlining the best golf courses, hiking trails and restaurants. Our owner partners can rest assured that their guests will be all set for a fabulous stay.

A time to reflect

As mentioned, it really was a great summer here in the Algarve. However, it is time to recognise that it is a top destination all year round! We are certainly doing more to show our guests this and in turn, our owner partners are reaping the rewards.

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