Prepare yourselves for autumn!

news: Prepare yourselves for autumn!

THE AUTUMN equinox is drawing closer, the evenings are noticeably shorter and the nights longer and cooler. It’s time to think about preparing properties for the forthcoming winter months and whatever they may have in store. If the rains do not come this winter, we will have major problems next summer and we will all regret packing away the huge parasols, snubbed cushions and buying truckloads of wood.

However, it is better to be prepared for a damp winter than to get caught out by one. There is nothing more depressing, when spring comes round again, to find humidity damage to soft furnishings. As many properties in Portugal do not have damp courses, any small amount of rising damp can have a devastating effect on rugs, upholstery, curtains, bed linen and mattresses alike, especially in a closed up property. Mould is not only notoriously hard to remove, the spores are hazardous to breathe and can be the cause of numerous respiratory problems.

So, if you do not have multifunction A/C units built in, be prepared to buy a dehumidifier or two as soon as they reappear in the shops, ready for the winter season. If you are going to be away for a week or two on holiday, or even for just a weekend, be prepared.

If your property is going to be left empty for a few months over the winter, all soft furnishings should be stored clean, especially if they are to be folded, preferably in zip-lock bags with the air removed. They take up far less space stored that way and, when spring returns, they will only need a shake to be ready for use again. If that is not possible, ensure that storage cupboards, chests, and so on, are well ventilated, i.e. the doors and lids are left open.

Duvets and pillows should be cleaned by whatever method the label specifies, blankets too. Ideally, mattresses should be left standing up, on their sides, on the bed base – to keep them off potentially damp floors – leaning against an inner wall, at an angle so that air can circulate. This might sound extreme, but many owners have experienced returning for a midwinter break, only to find damp beds and worse.

We are all only too well aware that we spend one third of our lives in bed asleep, yet we often buy a bed without even lying on it. Odd, when you consider we all test drive a car and try on clothes before we part with our hard earned money.

Ideally, one should try several different types of bed to see if preconceived ideas are in fact wrong, or needs have changed, or even that a new type of mattress has been developed since we last bought one. At Justwhite you can do just that – experiment in a relaxed, specialist environment and discuss your needs and requirements.

If you sleep in a double bed with a partner, it is preferable to experiment with different beds and try out pillows at the same time. Should your partner’s requirements be different to your own, there is always the possibility of having two different types of mattress that zip together. This also means that your property can be more versatile for rental purposes, double bedrooms can be transformed into twin rooms by merely undoing the zip. Bed linen quantities and sizes need to be adjusted accordingly. A suitably wide range of sizes are available to choose from at Justwhite and all the help you might need to adjust bed linen sizes and quantities.

When buying beds, especially the master bed, take your time and enjoy the experience, preferably in a relaxed atmosphere with a specialist supplier.

Hot tip

A mattress topper will only enhance the comfort provided by the mattress underneath. It will not make an uncomfortable mattress comfortable!