Prepare for “very cold” New Year’s Eve, warns IPMA

Whatever your plans for New Year’s Eve, meteorologists have warned temperatures are set to plummet.

The bright sunshine we have all been enjoying may be here a while longer, but the nights will be distinctly chilly – with minimum temperatures varying between 1-3ºC in the north and centre of the country, 4-7º in other parts and possibly closer to 9-10ºC in the Algarve.

Frost is expected in certain areas, while a depression in the south could actually signal the arrival of ‘light rain’ in the next few days.

With festivities scheduled all along the coast and inland, advice from the institute of sea and atmosphere (IPMA) is don’t forget your coat!

As for the archipelagos, the forecast there includes quite a bit of rain although temperatures generally will be much higher.