Prepare for better times

While borders remain closed, there’s little prospect of the Algarve welcoming its usual summer visitors. Yet eventually the crisis and restrictions will ease, and the first visitors will begin to arrive. Whether returning owners or holidaymakers, national or international, all will be eager to enjoy a relaxed Algarve welcome. Properties and accommodation must be in good order to receive them – and this is preparation work that should be done now.

Air conditioning manufacturers recommend annual maintenance to ensure effective and efficient operation. This is best done in spring when systems are switched into reverse from winter heating to summer cooling. Refrigerant gas pressures and condensate pipes must be checked, and room units sanitised, as they can harbour mould following a humid Algarve winter.

In solar hot water systems, panels, water tank and pipework must also be checked. This includes pressure relief valves intended for hot periods when water continues to be heated but is not being used/circulated. These allow safe venting to prevent panels and pipe joints from being stressed or damaged by excess temperature/pressure.

At Penguin new systems are still being installed and routine maintenance work carried out. Their technicians wear gloves and masks wherever necessary and sanitise all units and surfaces where they have been working.

Penguin’s maintenance rates are inexpensive and ensure that systems are functioning well and ready for your property to be occupied again. Their office staff is working behind closed doors and will be pleased to receive your call or email to schedule a visit.

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