Premium Algarve products promoted in France and Sweden

Premium Algarve products promoted in France and Sweden

The Algarve’s Business Association was in Paris and Stockholm last week to introduce international prospectors to the region’s premium agri-food products.

As part of the ALGARVE PREMIUM project, NERA, the Algarve’s Business Association, prepared two prospecting events that showcased the region’s premium agri-food products.

The first event took place on September 19 in Paris at the Patisserie Canelas, and the second on September 21 in Stockholm at the Cork Vinbar. Both events were supported by each country’s respective AICEP Delegates and the Portuguese Ambassador to Sweden, Sara Martins.

According to NERA’s Management, the events “exceeded expectations in terms of participation, totalling more than 40 participants, including reporters and prospectors from specialised agri-food chains”. The main objective was to evaluate opportunities for cooperation and partnerships with companies to “develop a portfolio of contacts and open doors to the internationalisation of premium Algarve products”.


Premium Algarve products promoted in France and Sweden.3

The events included product displays and tastings, networking, and international exploratory contacts with high-value segments (haute cuisine, specialised gourmet chains, and speciality journalists). In addition to promoting endogenous resources, the events also aimed to help give the Algarve’s business community access to international markets and disseminate the region’s premium offer.

The tasting menu included honey, jams, olive oil, dried fruits, Salicornia, salt and fleur de sel, as well as pâtés and preserved fish. Innovative products, such as carob tablets, syrups and vegetable drinks, were also presented, as well as Algarve wines, which are rapidly gaining recognition in Europe and attracted many amateurs to the Paris and Stockholm events.


Premium Algarve products promoted in France and Sweden.4

The ALGARVE PREMIUM project’s central objective is to promote the internationalisation of the Algarve’s premium products in the Agro-food and Sea, Cultural and Creative Tourism and Nautical Tourism sectors to increase their recognition, notoriety and visibility Internationally.