Premier FX opens new Lisbon office

Premier FX, the Algarve Currency Broker, has recently opened an office in the financial district of Lisbon. David Wright has been appointed the local Account Director for Lisbon under the overall control of Portugal Country Manager Cathryn Evans.

Premier FX, also have branches in Mallorca and the UK. Cathryn Evans commented:

“We realised a while ago that Lisbon was a major European city and many of our clients transact their business there. We are fortunate enough to have David Wright on board who has been in Lisbon for many years. His knowledge and contacts are in valuable to where we want to be and what we want to achieve. As a group we realise that ever-changing markets means we have to adapt to all customer needs and we are doing that with our technological changes, while still giving a personal professional service’.

Of course the Algarve office still remains, and as Country Manager, Cathryn has overall responsibility for the region, but with ambition to work closely with the whole of Portugal:

‘We are aware Portugal is still a very important part of the business and a key to our growth and expansion. The country has a lot of potential that fits in with our thinking and ideas.”

PREMIER FX LISBON – 211 229 237

PREMIER FX ALGARVE – 289 358 511