‘Predator’ was watching, says Gerry McCann


GERRY MCCANN has spoken of his belief that “a predator” was watching his family in the days before his daughter Madeleine’s disappearance.

In the personal video, filmed by a family friend in August and broadcast last night (Monday) as part of a BBC Panorama programme, he speaks about a “window of opportunity” taken by an abductor.

The thought made him and his wife Kate “sick to the core,” he said in the video.

Gerry McCann said that before Madeleine disappeared, he and his wife became concerned by the security at the back of their Praia da Luz holiday apartment when “maybe the weak spots were at the front”.

In the footage, filmed in Portugal by Jon Corner, he said: “It’s a corner flat with trees overlooking it. Somebody could be hiding there or watching out of view.”

He added: “I’ve no doubt that Madeleine was targeted and that makes us sick to the core to think that someone was watching us and our daughter and then targeted her. I think the true word is a predator.

“But you just don’t think there’s any trouble and it’s certainly the furthest thing from our mind.”