Pre-season stint at Browns

news: Pre-season stint at Browns

Students from East Durham and Houghall College Rugby Academy (E.D.H.C) attended a gruelling training schedule in the Algarve recently. The E.D.H.C students headed to Brown’s Sports & Leisure Club for a five-day pre-season training camp. Fitness and technical advancement are high on the list of priorities for the Academy and the team worked hard during their week-long pre-season camp. “We wanted an environment where the students could gain the benefits of pre-season fitness and technical training,” said coach Nick Gresswell. “The facilities have been first class here at Browns, the training has been intense and the students have responded well.”

Nick described why a pre-season training camp is an essential tool for team cohesion: “This group of students will carry with them memories and experiences of a tremendous week of training, friendship and hard work. The group has shared so much and worked together so effectively that it has become a fantastic unit.” He felt training had progressed well, commenting: “We are pleased with the effort and commitment of the students. The camp has highlighted a couple of areas for improvement, as well as building confidence in other key areas of performance.

Nick summed up the experience and explained why he believes that this type of training camp can help build a solid foundation for a successful team, saying: “The students have learnt to work together under difficult conditions and take responsibility for their own performance. Therefore, we have already been successful.”

The E.D.H.C Rugby Academy students have now flown back to the UK knowing that their pre-season training has put them in good stead for the forthcoming season. The East Durham and Houghall Community College Rugby Development Course is funded by the sports National Governing Body, the Rugby Football Union (RFU) and the Rugby Football Union for Women (RFUW).