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Praia de Faro improvement works

A public tender has been launched for the design and construction of a new bridge to Faro beach and a car park to alleviate traffic problems during the summer.

The project is being promoted by the Polis development programme for the Ria Formosa and the work is expected to cost €3.87 million, of which “€2.33 million will be invested in the improvement of accessibility to the beach and the construction of a new bridge and new accesses,” said a spokesman from Polis.

A new car park with a capacity for between 900 and 1,000 cars will cost €1.54 million and will be constructed at the back of Faro International Airport. People will be able to use a bus service providing access to the beach.

The new bridge will replace the existing one and will comprise a one way alternating traffic lane for cars, a bicycle lane and a pedestrian lane.

A spokesman from Polis said: “The work is set out to give priority to pedestrians and bicycles and put an end to the traffic chaos that can be seen here every summer. We expect the new project to start next year.”

The aim is to stop cars from entering the beach area during the summer, although vehicles belonging to residents will continue to have access.