Praia da Rocha: sleepless nights infuriate residents and tourists

After Vilamoura residents complained of sleepless nights due to excessively loud summer nightspots (click here), it is now the turn of people in Praia da Rocha to express their outrage at a beach bar that is keeping them up “all night”.

The Portimão Summer Experience beach nightspot located near the marina is “so loud” there are even reports of tourists leaving their hotels due to the noise, said left wing party Bloco de Esquerda (BE) which has even questioned the government about the situation.

In a statement sent to the press, MPs João Vasconcelos and Jorge Costa say the unpleasant situation happens every summer and that there have been noise tests conducted at the nightspot at 2.30am that found that “the noise (56.6 decibels) is way above what is legal for that time of night (3 decibels)”.

A number of people affected have already complained to the local council, police, environmental associations and even the Ministry of the Environment.

According to BE, people have said they do not oppose nightlife on the beach but do not want it to affect their health and wellbeing as is currently the case.

The MPs have thus questioned the Ministry of the Environment about whether it will act according to the law and what it intends to do to ensure residents and tourists can enjoy more peaceful nights in the area.

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