Praia da Rocha live streams waves to the world

Praia da Rocha live streams waves to the world

Resulting from a partnership between the municipality of Portimão and the Manuel Teixeira Gomes School Group (AEMTG), “Waves Live from Praia da Rocha” was presented on Thursday, October 6.

The project consists of a live stream of the waves and the sea from Praia da Rocha beach in Portimão through a webcam located outside the Municipal Sports Support Center.

“Waves Live from Praia da Rocha” was conceived and executed by a team of Portimão geography and computer science teachers. Their aim is to provide real-time video images of the beach to the nautical sports community, as well as Portimão citizens, tourists and visitors, through continuous transmission.

During the presentation, the project coordinator, Francisco Pereira, highlighted the partnership between AEMTG and the Municipality of Portimão, “without which it would not have been possible”.

The teachers explained that the objective is “to open a kind of “video window” to the Praia da Rocha waves, where many activities are promoted by nautical sports schools, such as surfing and bodyboard”.


“However, in addition to beach tourism, other types of nautical sports and recreation will benefit from this, enabling them together information on the sea, waves and wind conditions”, said Francisco Pereira. The project coordinator also highlighted that other information, such as “more educational or curricular aspect of the port, the dynamics of erosion, the accumulation of coastal sand or activities linked to the economy of the sea”, will also be obtained through this live streaming project.

Education Councilor Teresa Mendes highlighted the commitment of the teachers involved in the project and the relevance of the webcam, “which will serve the local community and everyone who, anywhere in the world and throughout the year, wishes to view this area in Praia da Rocha”.

The project «Live waves from Praia da Rocha» can be viewed here.