Powercuts in the wild west

Dear Editor,

I see from my latest EDP invoice that 72% of Portugal’s electricity now comes from renewable sources. Furthermore, I have read that figure could rise to nearly 90% if the energy from wind and solar power could be stored more effectively, with large lithium batteries now being offered by at least one local firm. And much more storage will be possible when flow technology comes into its own.

So that should make me proud to live in such a progressive country, shouldn’t it?

But I am writing this by candlelight in the Algarve’s “Wild West” near Bensafrim – candlelight because, yet again, the weather has caused a powercut – this one lasting two hours already.

“A violent electric storm?” you ask. No, just a bit of light rain and drizzle!

The situation with powercuts is just as bad as when I moved here at the end of the last century. So what progress to date? Absolutely zero!

Binky Coutts, Bensafrim