Power cut off at Clube Praia da Rocha “because residents don’t pay bills”

Condominium || Green Stairs, the company that manages part of Clube Praia da Rocha in Portimão, has said that residents are living without power and water because “they do not pay their bills”.

“The power was cut off because people cannot just refuse to pay their bills,” Paulo Martins told the Resident.

According to Martins, some homeowners have not paid their bills “since 2012”.

The wrangle centres on homeowners’ demands to have individual water and power meters placed in their own apartments, as opposed to having a general one for the whole condominium.

Paulo Martins said that Green Stairs has been in contact with EMARP to place the new meters, but that homeowners “still have to pay their bills”.

He guaranteed, however, that power and water to the buildings will be restored soon, as the 13-storey development – which has 600 apartments, 300 of which are used for tourism – is getting ready to kick off its tourism season in March.

The situation, however, has been considered “an embarrassment” by the residents.

“I have to walk up to the tenth floor with a flashlight,” Erica Coelho told Correio da Manhã last week.

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